Associated Transport Consolidators, Inc.
ATCO is equipped to arrange transportation of over-dimensional shipments.  With over 40 years experience, we are well versed in the legal restrictions, required permits, and equipment necessary to ensure safe and smooth transportation of over-dimensional freight anywhere. We specialize in the transportation of over-dimensional and over-weight cargo.  Project jobs are one of our specialties.  ATCO can help you get your cargo there safely.
Transporting hazardous materials must be taken seriously.  Improper transportation can incur hefty fines. ATCO is well versed in the necessary paperwork and can ensure that your hazardous shipments are transported by hazmat certified drivers.
ATCO's expertise enables us to handle all of your trans-loading / cross-docking needs as well as coordinating the transportation so as to maximize the cost-effectiveness of your shipments.
Flatbed / Van / Refrigerated cargo?  We can arrange the transportation of flat-bed, van, and refrigerated cargo.  Loads need to be tarped?  Do you need shipments loaded or unloaded?  ATCO can assist you with all of your needs.
ATCO can arrange pick-up and delivery of your Import / Export FCL via any U.S. port.  We have a network of truckers who are eager to pick-up and deliver containerized cargo, even at short notice.  ATCO has contacts at all of the major ports.
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